Rubbing is Racing

POLLS!! POLLS!! POLLS!! I need information from you all!!! There are multiple to answer!!

First, I need to know if you intend on joining ALMS Sebring race. Please sign up undecided if you want to race and just dont know car yet so I know.

Second of all, I have an intent to begin a GT3 league in Project Cars 2. I know there has been a lot of desire for this and there are more people getting the game. I’d like to know some things on how you would like to see this run.

Third, I would like to know when the Suzuka race should be held and if there is a desire to move the time earlier to accommodate some of our european friends. I also am adding to this one a question on whether GT4 should return. If you can’t or don’t want to participate in RIGTC just let me know your thoughts on that in the comments. Let me know here.


Please fill out the Above polls as they apply to you!! This will help

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