First thing’s first, if you have yet to sign up please do so.

Second, The PI and build for the cars on Tuesday has changed slightly. The dummy that came up with the build list forgot about anti-roll bars. So go check and make sure your build still matches.

And third, as I mentioned before. The Tuesday and Wednesday races will use a different start procedure. There will be no rolling start. Make sure you can launch your car with the tune you choose. Please read and understand the following.

Our first race will use a random starting grid. From there when we race every other week we will line up in reverse points order. This means if you’re in the lead in points you will start in the rear. To do this we will queue up the race and I will call out the participants in order that they should line up at the starting line. This should hopefully take us no longer than 30-45 seconds. From there I will announce that we are starting at the next closest half minute mark on the race timer. (1:00, 1:30 ect) At this time we will go.

The Wednesday series will take advantage of lobby points. There will be a 5 minute warm up race with ghosts turned ON and compare best lap also turned ON. You will want to run your best lap here for qualifying. Keep in mind you will want that lap to be clean! From there the lobby will be turned back to normal collision, the lobby points will be in effect thus setting the starting grid for the first heat. The tricky part will be the second heat, where the lobby points will still decide starting position, not the results from heat 1. Lobby points will take the qualifying into account and may result in someone placing 5th in heat one starting ahead of 4th in heat one due to the accumulation of points in the qualifying. This isn’t perfect, but its going to have to do.