Rubbing is Racing
Rubbing is Racing

Possible 1960s/1970s F1 test this weekend

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*UPDATE: SESSION TOMORROW AFTER CTSC RACE*I’ve thrown together some tunes and would like to do some group testing for a possible 1960s F1 or 1970s F1 series this weekend. The time depends on how work on my car goes this weekend (fingers crossed, knocking on all kinds of wood), but it’ll either be Saturday evening (thinking 8PM CST) or Sunday after the CTSC race. I’ll keep you guys posted. If you want to try the tunes for the 1960s cars now, they’re up on the storefront and titled “60test1". For the 1970s tunes, just add race brakes (it sets the PI to 901 on all three) and pick any body modifcation if you want (doesn’t affect stats or PI).


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