First of all, Congratulations to Dr BecKx on his victory in this series! He really was the class of the field throughout the series with 6 wins in 9 races with his lowest finish being 4th place. The series runner up was hard fought between Darkzer24 and Mackleroy45 coming down to a tie in points with 204 points. However, the tiebreaker goes to Mackleroy45 with 1 victory and Darkzer24 having none. 4th place goes to X Mr Plankton X with 195 points and a strong finish to the series and most likely would have been a top three if he had been able to attend the final race. The rest of the standings can be found here

The manufacturers title was not as close as the drivers title. Porsche won with 415 points with Nissan in second with 371 points. Lotus managed to pull out third with a late season push over Chevrolet.

It was a pretty decent season in spite of the lowering car count as the season went on. I will miss running this league and racing these cars. Thanks for making it a great one.

The next league will be Lamborghini Super Trofeo!! We will utilize both the Huracan’s and the Gallardo’s and have a Pro and Am for the Gallardo class. Both cars will only have race brakes added. There will be a random grid 15 minute or so qualifier and a 30 minute main race with reverse grid. Points will be awarded for finishing places in both races. The main race will feature a standing start. The Huracans will launch before the Gallardos do and the classes will be split so AWD vs RWD will not have any effect. The first race will be in two weeks, on Sunday, February 12th at 5pm. The track will be Monza. It will run every week and should run 10-12 weeks and utilize most of the non American tracks.

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