Rubbing is Racing
Rubbing is Racing
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[Racing] Game Talk: Super Cars vs. Daily Drivers

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Welcome to your weekly Digital Burnout Game Talk, where we aim to have a down-to-earth discussion about driving games and simulations.


This week the topic is this, what is your preference for the type of cars you can race; super cars or daily drivers? Super cars are the unattainable ones, ones that you had/have posters of in your bedroom. The cars you drool over, and wished you could one day get behind the wheel of it. On the flip side, daily drivers are the cars that we can actually own, and a game would allow us to do everything we ever wished to them; like upgrades, reckless racing, rally driving, etc.

So you see, there's pros and cons to each. But games tend to feature both. If you could have a game that focused primarily on one, which would it be?

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