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Reddit Le Mans Series V: Info And Sign Up

If you’re familiar with our digital racing scene here, you probably know of r/redditracing. Well, their flagship racing series, this year featuring Group C, Group 5, and IMSA GTO race cars, is starting soon! If you’re interested, all of the info and the sign up link is here.

Firstly, this series will be organized on r/redditracing. While I will be handling cross-posting about the series here, the series is being run on and by the subreddit. While I can try to answer any questions you may have about the series, specific questions would best be asked on the subreddit as they spent the time planning this and I did not. Secondly, while this is being run on r/redditracing, the series is still open to anyone and everyone. You will just be expected to follow their specific racing ettiquette, which isn’t vastly different from our own.


The following is the series info, copied from r/redditracing. The original post can be found here.


  • Some cars will be slow at some tracks, and quick at others. Normally we try to make it equal everywhere, but the real cars had distinct strengths and weaknesses which would generally balance out over the course of a season.

Group D - Prototypes

  • Ferrari F333 SP - race brakes
  • Jaguar XJR-9 - race brakes
  • Mazda 787B - stock
  • Peugeot 905 EVO 1C - stock
  • Nissan R91CP - full engine upgrades
  • Porsche 962C - race brakes, race tires, max tire width f/r, will run at power handicap varied by track

GT5 - IMSA GT and Group 5

All cars get race brakes if possible.

  • Datsun 280ZX Turbo - stock
  • Mazda RX-7 - stock
  • Mercury Cougar XR-7 - stock
  • Nissan 300ZX - stock
  • BMW M1 Procar - high flow restrictor, race tires
  • Lancia Montecarlo - full turbo
  • Ferrari 512 BB/LM - max engine, race trans, race tires
  • Nissan 300ZX - race tires, rear tires max


  • The organizers reserve the right to change the builds / handicaps on each car before each race.
  • To be mandatory, BoP changes must be posted at least 48 hours before the race. Otherwise they are strongly encouraged.
  • Personal handicaps will not be used.


There will be 3 different formats for race nights, as with RLMS V. There will be 4 endurance events, 4 sprints, and 4 intermediate events. There will also be a wet race, for an added challenge.

  • All race events will be held on Saturday nights at 8PM EST (GMT-5).
  • The gaps in the schedule are to avoid conflicting with the TORA ASCC endurance rounds.
  • Dates subject to change.
  • Full circuit unless specified otherwise.

Round, Track, Type, Date

1: Sebring, Endurance, Feb 4th

2: Brands Hatch, Sprint, Feb 18th

3: Spa, Intermediate, Feb 25th

4: Le Mans, Endurance, Mar 4th

5: Hockenheim, Intermediate, Mar 18th

6: Silverstone, Sprint, Mar 25th

7: Road America, Endurance, Apr 1st

8: Laguna Seca, Sprint, Apr 8th

9: Monza, Intermediate, Apr 15th

10: Road Atlanta, Sprint, Apr 22nd

11: Nordschleife, Intermediate, Apr 29th

12: Daytona, Endurance, May 6th

  • Qualifying - time equal to 3 GT laps + 1 min
  • Endurance - 2 hours
  • Intermediate - 30 min QR, 75 min MR
  • Sprint - 2x 45 min


The total amount of points available on a given race weekend is the same, with the exception of bonus points. Each class will be scored independently. We will also be including a “Biggest Mover” bonus for the driver who climbs the most spots from the starting position at the end of the race. Your lowest event score will be dropped. Disqualifications will not be allowed to drop.

  • Qualifying - 2 points for pole
  • Endurance - 2.0x points
  • Intermediate - 0.5x points for QR, 1.5x points for MR
  • Sprint - 1.0x points per race
  • Lap Lead - 1 point (double for endurance)
  • Biggest Mover - 1 point

The points scale is still being decided. Either a fixed scale or one proportional to field size will be implemented. Feedback welcome on this part.



As mentioned above, there will be a 107%-to-benchmark requirement for the Group D class. This is due to the excessive closing speed on the brakes between classes. New drivers are welcome to drive prototypes, but if you cannot keep the car on the track, or on the track and behave predictably, you will be asked to switch to GT5 class.



  • A collision where 2 or more cars exit the racing surface in the adverse direction
  • A vehicle flips over
  • A car runs out of gas on track and cannot exit the racing surface (this may lead to a DSQ if found to be intentional)
  • A medical emergency happens (having to pee is not an emergency)
  • When a caution is called, the field will race back to the line. At the racing line, no more passes will be permitted until green is called. Stop forward motion at the pit exit. You will restart in your position at the pit exit.


  • All races will use a formation lap
  • Endurance and MR will be rolling starts
  • Sprint and QR will be standing starts
  • If there is an accident on the standing start the race will restart from the lobby with a rolling start.


  • If you wish to report an incident, send the /r/redditracing moderators a message with a link to the incident clip and a short explanation of what you think happened.
  • We reserve the right to seek out any clips reported and take the appropriate action.
  • If your incident involved a moderator, please send another mod a private message if you don’t feel comfortable having the affected mod seeing the report.


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