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RIGTC/CTSC Race Procedure Reminder

I am doing a combined post since through me not paying attention I have two races scheduled for the weekend.

For RIGTC: Qualifying will be 10 minutes most likely, ghosts and everything. Race start will be after pace lap, pace car (if there) will pull off, when all the cars clear turn 10B, the race director (me) will call a start time. That is based on the countdown clock. You hold pace lap speed until that time, at which point the track goes green. Start will be two wide. Restarts will be single file with the same procedure. The other thing will be to keep around 70 feet between rows to avoid first lap calamity. The race timer will be set to 2 hours and 30 minutes. No cautions on the lap immediately following a restart. The caution will still fly if there is a problem following the start due to the double file start. Reminder for cautions that if you cause something that would normally be a caution during the caution free period, you may wait for the other car to reenter and stay behind them until they pit if they are damaged and then you pit immediately for a “Drive Through” and potentially avoid the post race penalty. If you do this, you must take a game clip or screenshot of your fuel level before your stop. If it less than 35% then you will have to do a second stop because that could potentially serve as just a stop for you. If you do this and a caution is triggered because they are on at the time, you must wait to do your drive through for the race to go green again. You may dive into the pits as the restart occurs or wait a lap. If you do not do this and I have video evidence of the incident, I will assess the penalty post race.

For CTSC: No qualifying. Start/Restart procedures are the same. Drive throughs are slightly different because there are quickstops used for balancing fuel levels of cars. You must screenshot all times you are in the pits for confirmation that you did in fact take the extra stop and did not just use up one of your quickstops and not really be penalized by it.


If you are new please don’t be put off by the serious nature of this post. We had a rather rough race a little while back and needed to find a way to make sure things got cleaned up. Generally we have fun and there is banter and the like, but you have to understand that people get frustrated when they get taken out or have to spend a lot of time under caution.

Also because I forgot to post about it recently, the RIGTC race at Road Atlanta is this Saturday November 5th at 8pm EDT.

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