Rubbing is Racing
Rubbing is Racing
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RIGTC Round 3 - Bathurst - Saturday, February 11th at 8pm EST

We are a week away from round 3 of this series. If you have not participated before, that’s okay. I would love to have more people. The racing has been great so far and should continue to be. And there are points but the races are essentially run as one off events that happen infrequently and are more or less just for fun. If needed I can always link the rules and car builds to you if needed.

That being said, Mackleroy has a solid lead in the pro field and can clinch the Drivers title one race early with a victory and Dr Chair PHd finishing 3rd or lower. If he gets second Dr. Chair needs to be 6th place or lower and Darkzer24 cannot be the victor. No pressure /u/TheDragonaut !! In the AM standings, NevadaHotDice can clinch the drivers title with an in class victory in 4th place (the highest you can place without being bumped to pro), two drivers who are unlikely to show up not showing up, and X Mr Plankton X finishing lower than 6th. So there is a lot on the line for two drivers this weekend. The manufacturers championship is still very open for Dodge, Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren with slim chances from others.


This will be run as a 2 1/2 hour race like the others for consistency and it’s a good race length. I hope as many people as possible can make it.

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