The race is tomorrow!! I am incredibly excited for this. We have had a few test sessions that have all been incredibly tight. This race will be intense for a lot of reasons. I will remind everyone to be careful on the mountain. We are running sim damage and there is a high possibility of pain if there is an accident. As has been mentioned in the comments you should be calling immediately if you are spun anywhere and it would be good to do a little bit of track study to be able to better articulate where you are. Accidents will happen so be ready for that. I am at this time also giving myself as race director to call a caution to clear tires if I deem necessary due to an overabundance in certain areas of the track. I will remind you that for this field is frozen upon caution being called. Pits will be closed until the field is bunched up. the usual applies that if you are out of fuel or are damaged so badly that you believe you would be unable to hold caution speed while ascending the mountain, you may pit but know you will be forced to the back of the field. If you run out of gas or fail to catch the field by the second time by the pit lane entrance, pits will be opened anyway and the field will go green anyway. To enforce that fairly, if there is a safety car it will be their job to push the car back to the pits and the field will be under control of the leader. I will allow wave arounds in the same manner that IMSA does, however it will be the same way that the field will go green before you fully catch back up. I hope everyone is ready for this. I know I am!