I hope everyone is ready for season 2!! I have changed my mind again on BoP and will be using TORA’s with a few minor changes for GT3 and the GT4 builds I have made. The builds are here. The GT4 Ford still needs to be modified (for RIGTC only) but that will be done shortly. I will only be allowing AM’s in GT4. They may also participate in GT3 in an AM class but GT4 will be kept exclusively AM.

Cautions and full damage will be returning to this series now that we are back to a normal track. Restarts will be done TORA style which means the cars will enter the front straight single file. You will hold steady between 60 and 65 mph until you personally reach the start/finish line. This means returning to racing speed will be staggered and should result in cleaner restarts. Cautions will be run like this. At the time one is called, everyone will continue at racing speed until they reach the line. The leader will call out his position on track and when he reaches the Start/Finish line he will drop to 60 MPH. The pits will be open at all times. The cars will circulate for 2 laps unless everyone is able to form up in the first lap before the leader enters the braking zone for the Final turn. If not everyone is formed up at the end of lap 2, the race will go green anyway. If a car is a lap down in class, they may unlap themselves during this time. They will come up to the back of the field and announce they wish to take the wave around and will be allowed to continue. However, they do not count towards the is everyone formed up test and if the rest of the field is formed up after one lap and they are the only one that is not, the race will go green anyway. The classes will be split in the line, Pro in front of AM in front of GT4. While in the queue, it is not necessary to be super close to the car in front of you or even directly behind them. If you want to be 50 feet back and on the opposite side of the road, this is okay as long as you are a reasonable distance (35-50 feet) from the car in front by the time you make the restart. Cautions will be off for the remainder of the lap of the restart.

The race start will use the same procedure as the restart after a single pace lap except that the field will take the green double file, it will still use the same procedure that you do not accelerate above 60 MPH before the Start Finish line.

Now, some other rules, no bitching at people over Mic issues unless it is incredibly obnoxious to everyone. We will be using discord if we are above 16 people so you should always be prepared to use it. You must have the ability to hear what is being said and be able to quickly send a message over discord if you do not have a mic. I am okay with discussion of the incident after the caution procedure has begun but must cease if race control is called. Let me handle calming things down. Don’t try to assist it makes things worse not better.

I also do not want to hear people complaining about holding speed properly, for some that is difficult. However, if it is a consistent problem I may mandate that you adjust you first gear and Final drive ratios so that you redline in first gear at 60 mph this is easily verified via game clip if necessary.

Lastly, GT4 cars have the right of way. I really don’t care how hard of a corner it happens to be for the GT3 car, they cannot just drive through a GT4 or order them out of the way. That being said, the GT4 cars cannot block a higher class car.


Car choice for this season will follow the same rules as last year with one difference, if you want the car for the series, you must attend the first race in it, otherwise you cannot claim an entry if others want it and attend. This means we will still have the 3 car limit in place. Be prepared in a second and a third car if necessary. I will honor first come first served signups assuming proper attendance.

Lastly, this is supposed to be fun. I think we have had a rough time with the last month or so and people going over the top with trying to control the in race things too much. Everything I have laid out here is to hopefully allow the race itself to be smoother. Im hoping this works out well. Sign up here