Rubbing is Racing
Rubbing is Racing

Its been a bit since I posted but this is the series I have been running for a while. If you are interested please let me know as the more the merrier!

So, I did a dumb. I was thinking I couldn’t schedule a race the same day as a playoff game. Well that was stupid because that will be done by 3-3:30 at the latest. So the race will be happening December 2nd at 8pm EST. This seemed to be the best option seeing as the next two weekends are break weekends for those at college. Sign up here if you havent yet!! There is still plenty of room for entries especially in the GT3 AM class. Here is the current entry list for the remainder of the season. I am happy to take anyone that wants to race no matter how new you are to the group. Just remember I restrict entries to three cars per manufacturer because grid diversity is a good thing.


I am reposting the caution rules here. However, I’ll preface this by saying that I really am hoping that we won’t need them much just like most of the rest of the races. We usually have long green flag runs in this series and I really would like that to continue. “I’ll be adopting the caution rules I used for the PLM race with having both quickie cautions and standard cautions. Quickie cautions will last a single lap after the leaders pass the pit entrance. The pits will not be open on these cautions. And we will not wait for damaged cars. Standard cautions will last 3 Laps due to the short length of the track unless this proves to be too long. Wave arounds will be allowed per imsa rules where if you reach the train and are in front of your class leader you will be allowed to get a lap back. The pits will remain open when the train passes the pits beginning the second lap. The classes will be separated on starts and restarts. We will use TORA starts where you go when you personally cross the line.”

I cannot wait to get on track for this!! I love this series and this circuit has potential for some really good racing. So let’s make it happen!! Any other questions, feel free to ask! Im sure Im forgetting something.

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