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Rubbing is Racing

RIGTC Season 2 Announcement and Poll

Season 2 is nearly upon us and the turnaround from season 1 to 2 will be rather tight due to the scheduling of of the Finale of Season 1. The date for that is up in the air due to me not knowing my schedule yet. June 24th and July 1 remain on the table. Anyway, for season 2 there will be some changes made to the eligible cars. In the GT Pro/Am class, GTE only variants will no longer be eligible to race. This means no Ford GT or C7.R (Sorry /u/Kchrpm , I guess youll have to drive something else)(Yes I know there is a C7 GT3 but it does not race very frequently outside of National Series). I will however be trying to work in the Nissan GTR and the Aston Martin DB9. I am also looking at the potential of a slowdown for the class as a whole to work in some of the slower cars a little better without compromising fuel economy as badly.
The second part of this is why there is a poll. I am planning another class for this series. I have three options and varying degrees of personal support for them. The first option and the one I like the best as a driver (although will be a bit of a bitch as an admin) is GT4. If this option is choosen, I will actually move classes. What I have done is taken all of the CTSC builds and added forza aero to them. I have also added a 570s, AMG GT, and R8 to the mix. All are balanced in already. The next option that I still like a lot is Touring Cars. These are the actual touring cars that are in the game as the race cars. If this option is used, I am going to steal TORA’s builds and that will be that. This option has some potential to be fun as these cars can actually go pretty far on fuel and they aren’t slow. The third and final option which is damn easy for me but a little boring IMHO is to have a spec class. My first option is BMW M235i Racing that will be run by a few drivers in the upcoming race. That would likely be my choice of car as most other spec cars are not in the base game (DLC) or are just too slow (looking at you MX-5 cup). It does not matter if you are going to participate in the class or not, I would like to hear your thoughts. This decision still affects the GT class during the races so I want to know. Please vote here.
I will also be implementing a change in car choice rules. First off, I will still have a sign up and I will still be limiting entries. The first change is that you will have first dibs on your first choice if you sign up for it, however, you need to show up to the first race to confirm it. If not and someone else wants that car, its theirs and you are out of luck. I’ve had too many no shows stealing entries. The next part is that it’s going to be tricky moving from Forza 6 to 7. The main gist will be that if the car is mostly the same as the previous game, or stays the same, you’ll need to stick with it (Porsche 911 GT3 RSR to Porsche GT3 R, 458 to 488, R8 LMS Gen 1 to R8 LMS Gen 2, Mercedes SLS GT3 to Mercedes AMG GT3, Huracan ST to Huracan GT3(PLEASE)). If it changes more (Z4 to M6, DB9 to whatever they put in the next game hopefully) you’ll have the option to switch. The other way you can move is if it is new to the game (NSX, RCF, ATS-V.R) as applicable. The GT4 class transition may be messier and who knows about WTCC, we will cross that bridge when it gets here.
The other change will be moving the US round from Road Atlanta to MRLS. This is because the actual race will be held there so follow IRL as much as possible we will. I will also be adding a new vinyl to the store front for season two that will say race winner and have a space for the flags from each country you win in so you’ll have that to go for as well.
Other than that season one was great. I know its an extended calendar and that’s hard to commit to but if you care less about points and want to participate in great endurance races all of the virtual world, you should consider it!

Here is another link for the poll everyone should vote in!!!


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