Rubbing is Racing
Rubbing is Racing

First of all the name is changing. I used the wrong name and it should be the RORA Intercontinental GT Challenge (RIGTC). That’s all on that.
Secondly, car choices. Mercedes, Ford and Dodge are full. In addition I am not taking any entries for Porsche or Ferrari until /u/JASON122082 makes his decision on which he wants as he was forced out of his primary choice.
Also, I forgot to add the question about what numbers people want on the survey until recently so if you could let me know that it would be great. Finally I am calling the track choice. Road Atlanta is winning by a significant margin. That will be it for round two. I’m looking forward to it. A later post will lay out the different start rules we are using that are similar to the changes I am instituting for the CTSC series. The link contains the build rules and current standings as well as sheet three containing the point structure.

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