Rubbing is Racing
Rubbing is Racing
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RORA International GT Open (RIGTO) Round 2 - 2.4 hours of TBD - Saturday November 5th at 8pm

So round 2 of RIGTO is upon us. I am thinking that this weekend should work well as the bridge between the current series and whatever is next. I have the track listed as TBD because I wanted input from all of you. I want this round to be in the U.S. but there are so many good tracks that I wanted to hear from all of you. Personally I love Watkins Glen and would also be happy with Sebring or Road America or Road Atlanta. It will be part of the poll. Remember also that car choices will be locked in after this round and are limited to 3 entries per manufacturer. It will be another 2.4 hour race utilizing the same rules and builds.


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