Rubbing is Racing

So I feel like a hoarder....

After today's post, I noticed some of the games mentioned looked vaguely familiar. And I also wondered how many games I actually own. Earlier today in a post I mentioned I thought I had about 30+ games, I was off by just a little bit.

It's broken down like this...

Nintendo: NES - 1 *, SNES - 15, N64 - 15, Gamecube - 19, Wii - 3, Gameboy - 11, GBA - 21, DS - 9


Sega: Genesis - 9, Saturn - 1, Dreamcast - 8, Game Gear - 1 *

Sony: PS1 - 15, PS2 - 25, PSP - 10

Microsoft: Xbox - 3, Xbox 360 - 33

* = I don't have the system, yet....

In all, 199 games. So a little off.

In my defense, my family and friends know I collect video games and systems. So they give me the stuff they don't want any more. I also majored in Game and Simulation Production's sort of the area I need to be familiar with, right?

You're probably wondering why I bothered posting this? Well, while counting the games I found these gems I didn't even know I had....


See, I knew a couple of those games looked/sounded familiar....

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