From my Point of view, it's Awesome! It's feels a bit like Test Drive Unlimited 2, only with better graphic. I'm just playing it for a few 15 minutes and it wins my heart already.

Some quick notes tough. First, in TDU2 the suspension is acting a bit weird if you go offroad, it feels like you hit a speedhumps all the time. In The crew, you got the feeling that you're driving on sand or a mud everytime you go offroad.

And then, the steering is quite heavy, but i can understand that since i drove a lifted Ford Raptor across someone's backyard. It's a departure tough, that steering, since in TDU2 steering is lighter than The Crew. In TDU2 if you take a random SUV offroading and then decide to turn you'll easily pull a drift.


Finally i can drive trough Water! You can't do this in TDU.

And oh, i hate that framerate limit.


Anyway, we should get our crew going. If you had access to the crew beta, post your id here and we can be friends!

If you haven't got the beta and you want to try, go get them here