X Mr Plankton X has made number boards, the numbers to go in the boards, an oppo logo in using the italian flag a Super Trofeo logo. All of these parts are mandatory. Ill give a one race break if you don’t have time to put them on but you must have them by race weekend 2. The logos are your choice on placement but you must have a number board on your hood and both sides of your car. You must use the provided numbers in the boards. You also should have your number on the back bumper using the font 1 numbers. I will actually tell you that you cannot race if you do not complete these (very low) expectations. Plankton worked hard on these on late notice and they look great. Of other note, I made a small schedule change. Bathurst has been replaced by Spa. If you want to make a team you have until race weekend two to finalize that team. Other than that get tuning and ready to race on Sunday. I am looking forward to this as it should produce some great racing. Lets do this!!!