Something something chicanes. Because I’m going to beat that point like a dead horse. Because reasons.
Shoutout to Chewbakkah and MrPlankton for streaming the race.

Well, the rolling start didn’t go as planned becasue I’m an idiot and should have made the starting point somewhere else, such as right before Parabolica. Oh well. Now Corey can learn from my mistake and not do the same thing for the Endurance Series race at Monza after Sebring.

This race’s podium scores went to one of each of the three leading teams, with SVTyler of MackLock Motorsports in first, RoboRed of Team Wishful Thinking in second, and Chewbakkah of PurX Racing. Team scores are extremely close now, with only a point separating MackLock and Wishful. PurX Racing still leads in points. The next and final race could easily see the positions shifting at the end.








RACE RESULTS (tl;dr spreadsheet link):

1st (24 pts) - SVTyler (mackleroy45), BMW 125i

2nd (23 pts) - RoboRed (RoboRedMdn1te), Mercedes-Benz A Class

3rd (22 pts) - Chewbakkah (chewbakkah), Volvo S60

4th (21 pts) - dontbethatguy (th4tjoshguy), Mercedes-Benz A Class

5th (20 pts) - citizennick (i race goats), Volvo S60

6th (19 pts) - Mr Plankton (X Mr Plankton X), Toyota Avensis

7th (18 pts) - Higu (Higu1), Mercedes-Benz A Class

8th (17 pts) - Viggen (JA 37 Viggen), Mercedes-Benz A Class

9th (16 pts) - AutoFixation (Parlock3), BMW 125i

10th (15 pts) - TheCowmaster (TheCowmaster934), BMW 125i

11th (14 pts) - IDDaVo (FearlessTSwift), BMW 125i

12th(DNF) (13 pts) - EricisDaywalker (robluvscars1), Toyota Avensis


1st (205 pts) - PurX Racing, Volvo (Chewbakkah/citizennick)

2nd (196 pts) - MackLock Motorsports, BMW (SVTyler/AutoFixation)

3rd (195 pts) - Team Wishful Thinking, Mercedes (RoboRed/dontbethatguy)

4th (141 pts) - Taylor Swift Racing Team, BMW (nich/IDDaVo)

5th (99 pts) - Raptor Motorsports, BMW (TheCowMaster/FlyboyJRK)

6th (78 pts) - Team EricIsDaywalker-Mr Plankton, Toyota (EricIsDaywalker, Mr Plankton)


7th (58 pts) - Team Milfhunter, Mercedes (Higu/Nick)

8th (47 pts) - Team Corey CC97-Thomas Donohue, Audi (Corey CC97/Thomas Donohue)

9th (42 pts) - TEAM SWEG, Mercedes (James reks skrubs/Viggen)

10th (39 pts) - Team VTEC Yo!, Toyota (TheHondaBro/Tareim)


T1st (111 pts) - RoboRed (RoboRedMdn1te)/SVTyler (mackleroy45)

3rd (104 pts) - citizennick (i race goats)

4th (101 pts) - Chewbakkah (chewbakkah)

5th (85 pts) - AutoFixation (Parlock3)

6th (84 pts) - dontbethatguy (th4tjoshguy)

7th (83 pts) - nich (nichpsu)

8th (65 pts) - Mr Plankton (X Mr Plankton X)

9th (58 pts) - IDDaVo (FearlessTSwift)

10th (54 pts) - FlyboyJRK (flyboyJRK)

11th (45 pts) - TheCowmaster (TheCowmaster934)

12th (44 pts) - Higu (Higu1)

13th (34 pts) - Corey CC97 (Corey CC97)

14th (31 pts) - Viggen (JA 37 Viggen)

15th (27 pts) - Tareim (Tareim)

16th (17 pts) - SLUBETUBE (SLUBETUBE)

17th (15 pts) - Nick, Drives a Cobalt LT (Tox1cFarts)

T18th (13 pts) - Thomas Donohue (tomonomics)/EricisDaywalker (robluvscars1)

20th (12 pts) - TheHondaBro (WWaveform)

21st (11pts) - James reks skrubs (sweggitup)


- Gawker, Kinja’s text editor REALLY fucking sucks. Multiple times I had to fix my typing because it thought it was a good idea to constantly move the cursor to the beginning of the row, leaving me typing my sentences completely backwards. I had to finish this up in gdocs because I was about to put my fist through one of my monitors.


- Hey, here’s a thought: while you’re re-figuring your shit out after getting bent over the table by the Hulkster, why don’t you cut some costs by firing the idiot or group of idiots who brought this steaming pile of software into existence, especially without proper testing?

- Don’t do Denton, kids.




3/26 (Endurance Championship): Sebring International Raceway, Sebring, Florida

4/2 (Team Touring Cars): Mount Panorama Circuit, Bathurst, Australia