I think Circuit de Prague is going to be the new Maple Valley - something that has the potential to be full of wrecks and should probably be taken in reverse. This place sure is beautiful, though.
Shout out to Chewbakkah and Mr Plankton for streaming this race.

Yeah, that was slightly dicey back there. Thankfully the ghosting feature was quick to engage on this track whenever someone wiped out. Those esses are pretty brutal. I wouldn’t mind coming back here, but just in a different configuration. This isn’t a bad track, it just is quite different from the rest with having multiple (often uneven) surfaces and very little runoff at all.

Team Wishful Thinking continues to gain momentum in the series with a first and third place finish at Prague courtesy of dontbethatguy and RoboRed, with Mr Plankton taking second place for his team. Though they didn’t land podium, PurX Racing fared better in this race than at Nurburgring, and currently still holds the most points for the Team Championship.





SVTyler isn’t afraid to go bumper-to-bumper with anyone.



nichpsu admires the flowers.


Highest point in the track, situated in the beautiful park.
Apparently this course has been around for 50 years. Also, dat GT40.




I’m...pretty sure tires aren’t supposed to fly that high...
Impromptu dorifto?


SVTyler and citizennick neck-and-neck in a tunnel.


That downhill part is fun.


RACE RESULTS (tl;dr spreadsheet link):

1st (24 pts) -dontbethatguy (th4tjoshguy), Mercedes-Benz A Class

2nd (23 pts) - Mr Plankton (X Mr Plankton X), Toyota Avensis

3rd (22 pts) - RoboRed (RoboRedMdn1te), Mercedes-Benz A Class

4th (21 pts) - nich (nichpsu), BMW 125i

5th (20 pts) - Chewbakkah (chewbakkah), Volvo S60

6th (19 pts) - SVTyler (mackleroy45), BMW 125i

7th (18 pts) - citizennick (i race goats), Volvo S60

8th (17 pts) - AutoFixation (Parlock3), BMW 125i

9th (16 pts) - Corey CC97 (Corey CC97)

10th (15 pts) - IDDaVo (FearlessTSwift), BMW 125i


1st (163 pts) - PurX Racing, Volvo (Chewbakkah/citizennick)

2nd (156 pts) - MackLock Motorsports, BMW (SVTyler/AutoFixation)

3rd (151 pts) - Team Wishful Thinking, Mercedes (RoboRed/dontbethatguy)

4th (127 pts) - Taylor Swift Racing Team, BMW (nich/IDDaVo)

5th (84 pts) - Raptor Motorsports, BMW (TheCowMaster/FlyboyJRK)

6th (47 pts) - Team Corey CC97-Thomas Donohue, Audi (Corey CC97/Thomas Donohue)

7th (46 pts) - Team EricIsDaywalker-Mr Plankton, Toyota (EricIsDaywalker, Mr Plankton)


8th (41 pts) - Team Milfhunter, Toyota (Higu/Nick)

9th (39 pts) - Team VTEC Yo!, Toyota (TheHondaBro/Tareim)

10th (25 pts) - BMW TEAM SWEG, BMW (James reks skrubs/Viggen)


1st (88 pts) - RoboRed (RoboRedMdn1te)

2nd (87 pts) - SVTyler (mackleroy45)

3rd (84 pts) - citizennick (i race goats)

4th (83 pts) - nich (nichpsu)

5th (79 pts) -Chewbakkah (chewbakkah)

6th (69 pts) - AutoFixation (Parlock3)

7th (63 pts) - dontbethatguy (th4tjoshguy)

8th (54 pts) - FlyboyJRK (flyboyJRK)

9th (46 pts) - Mr Plankton (X Mr Plankton X)

10th (44 pts) - IDDaVo (FearlessTSwift)

11th (34 pts) - Corey CC97 (Corey CC97)

12th (30 pts) - TheCowmaster (TheCowmaster934)

13th (27 pts) - Tareim (Tareim)

14th (26 pts) - Higu (Higu1)

15th (17 pts) - SLUBETUBE (SLUBETUBE)

16th (15 pts) - Nick, Drives a Cobalt LT (Tox1cFarts)

17th (14 pts) - Viggen (JA 37 Viggen)

18th (13 pts) - Thomas Donohue (tomonomics)

19th (12 pts) - TheHondaBro (WWaveform)

20th (11pts) - James reks skrubs (sweggitup)


- Did I mention Prague is pretty?

- Apparently there is a limit to how many pics you can save. And it is 100.


- I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

- Seriously, someone spot me. I’m starving.

3/19 (Team Touring Cars):
Autodromo Nazionale Monza Full, Monza, Italy


3/? (Endurance Championship): Sebring International Raceway, Sebring, Florida