Our Teamspeak 3 server is up and running. It has been tested and is ready to go. Teamspeak is MILES better than Skype and we should have no issues with it.

Password: minecraft
note the lowercase m

The app is available on the Apple Store ($4.99) as well as the Google Play Store ($1.99). It is also available for PC and Mac for free. (Pro tip for android. Get this app to earn free credits towards your account. I haven’t paid for an app in over a year.)

If you are going to use a mobile version of the app you can simply use the earbuds that came with your phone. They should have a mic that will work on them. Just tuck one earbud under your normal headphones if you wear them while gaming. If you are using a desktop version then you may need an adapter to get your mic plugged into your laptop/tower. If you need any help figuring out your particular setup let me know in the comments.

There is a set up process so please don’t wait until the last second to download it. The set up doesn’t take too much time. If you need help with the set up process check out this video.

The server should be up at all times from now on. If it is not it’s because the power went out or I died. You can feel free to share the info with friends if you find the program to be easy to use. (I do)
Currently there are two channels to pick from. The main channel and one side channel. If things get crowded and we need more channels let me know and I’ll create side channels upon request.