Wow. Couple weeks back, I snooze on snatching up Arkham Asylum/ Arkham City for $5 apiece on XBL and then they're gone because it was a one-day thing.

Then, because I wasn't obsessively looking for Forza Horizon 2 deals on one day, Friday, I miss Best Buy selling it for like $45 shipped.

If this freakin' game doesn't drop in price to $40-$45 on or before Black Friday, I'm going to explode. I'm not paying $60 for this joint.

Oh, and btw, has there been a worse offender for "GET THIS LIMITED EDITION CAR only from Gamestop/Best Buy/Amazon/playing a demo on XBL/writing the President and getting a unique redemption code"? I'm not buying into the preorder car hype machine on principle, but I'll admit it does kind of suck that you'll meet potentially cool cars on the road that you can't buy via microtransaction or just, you know, have because you own the game.

They're promoting neurosis is what they're doing.