Rubbing is Racing
Rubbing is Racing

The Best Goddamn Racing Game Commercials Ever!

Now that Need for Speed has been announced, I wanted to make a post about some of the things me that made me love the series. Fun fact: Every time I bought a Playstation, I always bought a NFS game with it. For PS2, Need For Speed: Underground; for PS3, Need For Speed: Shift, and PS4, Need For Speed: Rivals (unfortunately), but one of my fondest memories were the random commercials that promoted the series as a kid.

Some of my favorites were from the Hot Pursuit 2 era:

And even the 2012 rendition was pretty cool:

Which reminds me of this commercial for Mountain Dew featuring Channing Tatum!

Need for Speed may have lost a ton of fans over the years, but this series will always have a place in my heart, because playing games like NFS, Test Drive, Moto Racer and Midnight Club got me into cars in the first place. What are some of your favorites?


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