Edit: hopefully YouTube doesn't take it down, as they just sent me an email :/

I wished that I edited the video better, but my Final Cut is on the fritz ever since upgrading to Yosemite, so I had to edit with SharePlay. I also wanted post commentary, but this week is horrible for me.

As for the game, I'll buy it. Very few connection issues, but bear in mind that this is not a "racing game", more like a "driving game that just happens to feature a bit of racing" kind of game, which isn't bad at all. The cars handle a bit weird, but it gets better, and areas look like actual areas (Los Angeles and Santa Monica are extremely accurate.) I just wish you can change the wheel size a bit or even lower the car. Also no SRT viper or C7 Vette in the full game, WTF?

Ask me anything you want to know.