Rubbing is Racing
Rubbing is Racing
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For people anticipating the release for "The Crew", you may have doubts. Here is the most recent info found, gathered up here:


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(currently) 80 missions, and 60 pvp races alongside 1000 or so challenges

You can play solo, but still must be connected to the internet, without needing to be in a "crew".

Automatic and manual transmission options, stickshift with clutch, all buttons are remappable (On PC. Console unknown).

Mobile app allows for on-the fly customizing, as in switching between "tunes", (Street/Off Road/Raid, etc). Among various other things. Garage is for more in-depth tuning.

Perks and "gold" parts are not purchasable with any money, only earned during progression.

Cars are purchaseable via microtransactions, but on a "timesaver" basis, provided that the player is at least the level the vehicle "unlocks" at.

People playing with wheels can use another controller to navigate in-game menus if necessary.

The game's soundtrack will be a mix of local radio stations (with varied types of songs and music styles) and an original score composed by Joseph Trapanese, known for his participation to movies like Oblivion or Tron: Legacy.

Car Level and Player Level are separate. Player level determines the cars that can be bought, and maybe other features that weren't listed yet. Car level is the combination of the car's performance stock, PLUS any parts installed (Bronze, Silver, Gold), levelling up can be done by doing pretty much anything.

Cars will feature over 50 sound samples each and will be recorded from their real life counterparts.

The game starts in Detroit, with a brief tutorial, before opening up the entire map after completion.

Real race tracks will be featured, click here for more info.

There will be Car "Wrecks" found throughout the world, 5 confirmed so far, with only 1 in additional detail. You will need to collect 20 "parts" for each wreck to "complete" the restoration, very much like TDU2.

Roads unlock as you travel on them, Trains and Planes can be used to "fast travel" around the map to save time, for a small (in game currency) fee.

5 Star police system, comprising of cruisers, pickups, off road vehicles, roadblocks and helicopters. Not much detail just yet.,

Cars will start to unlock as you level up. You will also get access to different garages/bases while levelling up. You start off with Street cars and street spec in Detroit. Each garage will have different cars that will suit the region and type of play. Dirt spec should start around level 10.


Known cars list:

Hidden "Wreck" Cars

Hot Rod (Possibly a 1933 Ford Hot Rod Factory Five) [Image] AND [Image]

Alfa Romeo

8C Competizione [image]

Aston Martin

DB9 [source]

V8/V12 Vantage [image]


Continental Supersports 2010 [image] [Performance][Circuit??]


Z4 sDrive35is 2011 [image] :: [street] [performance] [circuit] [raid]


Camaro RS 1969 [image] :: [performance]

Camaro SS 2010 [image] :: [street] [performance] [circuit] [dirt] [raid]

Corvette ZR1 2013 [image]

Impala Sedan 1967 [image]

Silverado 2013 [image]


Chrysler 300 SRT 2 2013 [Board Image]


Challenger 2011 [image]

Charger SRT 2012 [image]

Charger R/T Hemi 1969 [image]

Ram SRT-10 2004 [image]

Viper SRT-10 Coupe 2010 [image] [Performance or Circuit version]


LaFerrari [Stock]


F-150 SVT Raptor 2011 [image] :: [dirt]

Focus RS 2010 [image] :: [dirt]

GT 2005 [image]

Mustang GT 2011[image] :: [performance] [circuit]

Mustang 2015 [image]

Shelby Mustang GT500 2013 [image] :: [performance]


H1? H3? [image]


Grand Cherokee SRT-8 2012 [image] AND CLEARER: [Image]


Koenigsegg Agera R [Stock]


Aventador LP 700-4 2011 [image]

Miura [source]

Murcielago LP640 2008 [image] :: [performance][Street/Performance?]


GranTurismo S [image]


Cooper S 2010 [image]


Skyline GT-R R34 [image] :: [dirt] + new [Performance Version]

370Z (Z34) 2013 [image] :: [street]

GT-R (R35) ???? [source]


Huayra [image]


3400K [image] :: [performance]

CTR 3 [source]

RT-35 [source]


GT500 1967 [image] :: [street] [performance] [circuit][Performance Again?] Volkswagen

Volkswagen GTI MK7 [Board Image]


Buggy [Image]


I feel this info could use more publicity, and was taken from here.

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