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The Italian Grand Prix in 15 Years of Video Games

To further celebrate the single oldest track on the 2014 Formula One calendar - courtesy of the upcoming Italian Grand Prix - here is a montage video of how the world of entertainment electronics saw the event.


My history with Formula One games is probably less than sound, but spans about 25 years nevertheless. Starting on the Commodore 64 with some hodgepodge so-called "grand prix simulators", through the eternal Grand Prix Circuit, Ferrari Formula One, then onto PC with Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 2 and moving to the void of ultra-serious simulation with Grand Prix Legends, only to return to fun and games via emulators and rediscover such arcade gems I never had the chance to play in their original format, such as Super Monaco GP.

That is why I was happy to come across this montage video paying tribute to one of the most legendary and awesome tracks of all time and the world of Formula One games. Enjoy:


Some of my favourite laps from various games I like other than the ones referenced in the montage:

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