This ^^^^ is a breaking zone. Please remember this tonight ;)

Joking aside. Here are things that you should know that I don’t believe we’ve covered. (Or emphasized enough)

1. Many people are signed up for Tuesday, and most of those for Wednesday too. I don’t feel like we expressed that the Wednesday series won’t be locked on the Miata the whole year. That car will change at the end of the first leg of the series. So if racing the Miata the whole year seemed boring be advised it won’t be that way.
2. The lobby will be joinable at 8:30pm (both nights). Make sure you have Chewbakkah on your friend’s list (you do, or you will have a request in a few hours).
3. Make sure you have teamspeak3.
4. Driving etiquette? Same as always, race clean, stay within reasonable track boundaries. With the anticipated skill gap we may have in drivers please be sure to recognize when you are lapped traffic. DO NOT block drivers that are lapping you, let them by cleanly and go on about trying to catch the guy in front of you.
5. There is a new column “O” added to the participant spread sheet. If you have a twitch and plan on streaming please supply your link there. It will be included with the “We’re racing now come watch” post.

******EDIT: 6. Be sure to team up if you want to run in the team points championship. Drop a comment below if you’re looking for someone to pair with.

Can’t wait to get this thing started. I’m pumped. See you tonight!

As always, remember to go check out The Smoking Tire. They have new podcasts every week, so you have a bunch to catch up on.