Rubbing is Racing
Rubbing is Racing
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Video of the Crazy Close LMP1 Battle in Our Reddit Endurance League Last Saturday

The last 15min or so after the timestamp (which starts at 1:50:50 if the embed doesn’t work) are worth watching but specific highlights include:

  • 1:55:00: Me almost passing Phloofy for the lead, but thanks to his witchcraft tuning in the 919 he immediately takes it back
  • 1:58:10: lapped traffic causes a brief lull in the action
  • 2:00:45: Kamikaze divebomb around the outside and eventual pass for the lead after Phloofy gets held up by GT traffic and runs wide
  • 2:02:10: gut check heading into the bus stop, followed by a very-near miss as a lapped LMP re-enters the track at an inopportune time
  • 2:02:38: The battle for 1st comes across the battle for 3rd, much clenching ensues as all four LMP’s in the race fight through the most technical parts of the track
  • 2:03:28: Pass at the inside of Turn 1, after which I get loose on a curb and very nearly eat the inside wall
  • 2:04:34: Optimistic attempt at working through GT traffic fails, leading to damage to Phloofy’s car and the end of the fight unfortunately.

There’s still spots on the grid if anyone wants to join, races are Saturdays at 8pm EST and so far in the season the racing’s been just as great as our Oppo league, might even be a bit more competitive depending on the class. That being said, some rounds will coincide with our own endurance races so you would have to miss one or two races or double-stint that weekend depending on how much time you’d be willing to commit. Either way it’s worth checking out at the very least, great group of dudes and great racing all around.

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