Goodbye Miata! Helloooooo nurse Porsche!
The Wednesday POS series picks up after a week’s rest with the 2015 Porsche Cayman GTS. Our first track will be Spa where we will run 2 heats. Heat 1 will be 6 laps in the rain, and heat 2 will be 10 laps at night.

Cayman build:
Race Brakes, Race Springs and Dampers, Race Front & Rear Anti Roll Bars, Race Cage, Race Weight Reduction, Race Clutch, Race Transmission, Race Driveline, Race Diff, Race Tires, Race Front Bumper, Race Rear Wing, 265/30R20 Front Tire, 285/35R260 Rear Tire, Street Flywheel

See you Wednesday at 8:30pm CST.

PS. There’s PLENTY of room for new people to join. Let me know if you plan on joining. (Comment with your gamertag and send Chewbakkah a friend request on XBL)