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What is The Most Surprising Car You Ever Driven in Video Game?

You know, sometimes there's a few car in videogame, sitting and waiting for some virtual trackdays, but still sits there because nobody even bothered to touch them. Case in Example: Jaguar S-Type and Renault Avantime in Gran Turismo.


Jaguar S-Type R is surprisingly good fun to drive. If you keep the aids on, it'll become a very grippy and sporty jaguar. Especially if you keep the active suspension. And the engine is also growly and rubles like a proper V8. It's also quite fast as well, if you're good you can manage somewhere arround 7:50 in the Nurburgring and maybe even lower. Yes it's ugly, but it's good!

While the Renault Avantime, it's suprisingly good as well. I think it's the best minivan in the game. I mean, it's a heavy 2-door minivan, it's not designed to be a racecar. But i think it's the bes minivan on this game. Yes it's not fast, but it handles really good. There's so much grip when you take some corners, and it's so confidence doing the turns like it was born for that. Cracking car, the Avantime.


So, any weird car but fun to drive you ever drive on video game? Or a car that looks fast but slow? or a car that seems easy to drive but you ends up making slow laptimes? Or any other surprises? Just comment here!

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