Some car was great, some car was okay, and some car was bad beyond belief. And today we're going to talk about bad cars, just like the title says. Let me start with my quick drive of a Vauxhall Vectra.

Last week, while i'm bored setting up my new house, i decide to fire up the Gran Turismo PSP and try to drive some cars that i never driven. So i bought a Vauxhall Vectra. The Vectra has been in Gran Turismo since Gran Turismo 2, so it's not a new boy here. On the dealership it looks promising. Yes it's an FWD, but it has 208hp. Not bad, i think. And then i decide to take on a simple 2-lap cruise in Nordscleife Nurburgring.

Before the start, i decide to fit a sport soft tires, because i'm affraid this car will understeer a bit. I also turn off all aids like usual. And it was a disaster.


The car understeers like a pig, it's like the steering wheel didn't do any steering at all. I mean, once you go past 120km/h, all the steering is gone. It's compeletely gone. Even when you fit the racing soft tires it won't cure the understeer. Even when i put active steering on, it's still understeers very badly. And The Vectra is not a Cheap car either, it'll set you back for 30k credit. Even a Toyota Prius is a much better car than this, when it comes to racing at least. The only upsides is the car is pretty fast in the straight line. But the rest is just sucks.

So, what's the worst car you ever driven in a videogame guys? You can post whatever car on whatever game, real cars or not.