The creator, Metalsun, has a review of the upcoming GT movie, Carnado!

Gran Turismo 6. CARNADO, part of Polyphony Digital's recent strategy to diversify its entertainment offerings tied to the Gran Turismo game series into the silver screen. The movie is extremely cheesy but totally entertaining due to the absurdness of the plot and production value. The critic's opinion on Yamauchi's acting participation is great but I wouldn't know, he speaks only in Japanese; although he walks and moves his arms around in a very "Oscar-worthy" fashion. On the other hand, Jordan Greer's "acting" was quite pitiful and thankfully, the writers took him out early in a very gruesome scene. Let's just say that, what's left of him was red car paint on multiple vehicles. Then there is me, I do an amazing car chase scene to rival the movie BULLITT. So, go see the movie, have some fun and never admit to anyone that you enjoyed it.