Rubbing is Racing

Yo Oppo Gamers

With all the buzz at the moment around Forza 6 and a big base of players on Oppo I thought it’d be good to have a place to discuss and set up races etc. So Zipppy nicely gave me mod status on here and offered it up for the purpose. This isn’t just for Forza of course any gaming related stuff is open for discussion or finding people to play with/ against.

I can give authorship (I think, I haven’t quite worked that out yet) so if you want it let me know in the comments. I know a fair few of you have it already. Zeontestpilot is also a mod but I have no idea if he has anything to do with the blog these days.


Hopefully this can be the go to place for oppos up for a bit of gaming.

PS: I forget who but someone on oppo had a link to a google doc with people’s GTs, Steam and PSN usernames on, if someone could post that up on here that’d be great.

PPS: My GT is Joshrd.

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